Wiesbaden Sternschuppen Markt (Christmas Market)

by Amy Fashion Blog

Before the market was fully set up.

Glühwein cup 

Hello Everyone, On Thursday December 5th. Hubby and me went to the Christmas Market. It was so beautiful. We didn't stay to long that night at the market because the weather was bad. It was super windy which made it even cold out. We did see so many cute christmas item we would like to buy. So we plan on going back another day and picking a few up. We also plan on going to other Christmas markets too.

We didn't really like the glühwein(hot wine). Which is funny to me because I really like glühwein gummy bear. Which don't have the alcohol in them. Over all we had a great time downtown at the market. 

Christmas Items Day 7 and 8, Left my tiny German Stove with Christmas towels on it. Right my house door with snowflakes.