Sunshine Blogger Award

by Amy Fashion Blog


Hello Everyone. Donna of A Not So Secret Life.
Gave me the Sunshine blogger award on December 8th. Thank you Donna. You should all go check her blog out. 

There no question to answer. Since she didn't give me any. So I'm not going to write any either. 
The Rules- 

-You have to post a picture of the Sunshine Award in the blog post.
- Post 11 random facts about yourself.
- Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
- Nominate 11 wonderful bloggers.
- Write 11 questions for them to answer.
- Also let the bloggers you nominated know you have nominated them.

11 Facts about myself:

1. Christmas Is My Favorite Holiday

2. I make a big deal about birthday, Doesn't matter who's birthday it is.

3.I like getting snail mail.

4. I got married on Friday the 13th

5. I love painting my finger nails

6. I collect Christmas Ornament

7. I save all my birthday, Christmas and other cards I get in the mail.

8.I have an I phone and love it.

9. I have 8 piercings

10.I love to bake

11.I write all my blog post on a calender 

Instead of nominating other bloggers. I nominated all of you.

Day 10 Christmas Items~ Is my side tables in my living room. They have my stocking holds on them. Two Snow global and a snowman candle holder.