Pinterest Recreation Outfit

by Amy Fashion Blog

Picture From The Pleated Poppy 

Chambray Camper Shirt From Old Navy~ 16.15
Lace White Cami From Old Navy~Hubby got it for me( A few years ago)
White Knee High From Target~2.00
Cowgirl Boots From DSW-139.95~30% off

Hello Everyone. I have had this chambary shirt since March 22 of this year and have never worn it.  I see tons of other blogger rock these. So it was time to actually wear mine. Instead of having it sit in the closet collecting dusted. I have been pinning tons of chambray outfits. I came across this outfit The Pleated Poppy wore. So I pinned it. At the time I didn't know it was her. I looked at the picture again and realized it was her. So I when on her blog and find out when she wore it. That way I could link it in this blog post. 

I'm happy with the outcome of this out. Just wish I had a lighter flower scarf but it all good. This outfit was the prefect outfit to do my running around in today. 

Day 23 Christmas Item~ Cookie I bake for Christmas Gifts