Pink Heart

by Amy Fashion Blog

Grey and Pink Heart Sweater From H&M~ 10 Euro(13.74 Dollars)
Pink Neon Scarf From H&M~5.00 Euro(6.87 Dollars)
Custom Ugg Boots From  Burresi~219.00 Euro(296.91 Dollars)

Hello Everyone. I went shopping on Friday with some of my girlfriends. As we where at at the Christmas market and doing some Christmas shopping. I asked them if we could go to H&M. Since I hadn't been there in a while. They both were fine with it. So we walk around and nothing was catching my eye. Truly I was just on the hunt for this sweater. Mainly because I saw it last month and didn't buy it. Well H&M was having a huge clearance sale. There was clearance stuff all over the place. 

We walk to the back of the store and I saw this sweater. I ran over to it. My one friend was like Amy is in pink heaven. If you know me you know my love for pink. Now back to my story. I pick the sweater up and it was only 10 euro now and not 20 euro. I was like score and walk to pay for it. Well as we were stay in line. I kept looking at this scarf. My two friends where in line so I walk over and grab it. It also was on sale from 10 now to 5. My friends were like man that goes with that sweater so well. 

I figure I will get a lot of use out of this scarf. It light weight so it will work all year around. I know I can make it work will a lot of outfit. Which I plan on doing an closet post soon. I have to clean it up some.  It more n likely won't be by until after the holidays. 

Day 16 Christmas Item is my ginger-man sock. Which I wore with this outfit.