by Amy Fashion Blog

Hello Everyone. This is not going to be one of my normal post. On Tuesday November 12, at 12:00pm Michigan Time. My husband lost a family member in a way no one should leave this earth. His cousin was working at Advanced America Cash Advance in Taylor Michigan. When a guy came in and robbed the place. In the act he killed my Husband Cousin. She is leaving behind two small children. The family is all shaken up about this. We all just want it to be a bad dream. That we will awake up from. Right now we need a lot of prayers.

If you can please say a prayer for us. Also pray that they will catch the guy that did this to her. 

You can also donate money to help her two kids out.  Click HERE

Here Fox 2 report on it 

This is what went on my private Facebook Account yesterday. After I got the news for my MIL Peg.

Today a day I wish I could be back home for my family. Just so you all know you are in my hearts every day. I miss you all and love you all very much. I'm sending you all an Amy hug thru the internet.

Remember to live you life to the fullest every day because you never know what going to happen. Also remember to tell your love one that you love them because you never know. It might be your last time to tell them. Also hug your family member every time you get a chance to.

Thanks you in advance for the prayers.

Not sure when I will be back with an outfit post.