Mainz Train Station

by Amy Fashion Blog

Saturday November 9, 2013 
White Cable Knit Sweater From Vero Moda~ 21.95 Euro(29.84 Dollars)
Black Tank Top From VS~16.50 or 2 for 24
 Black Thermo Leggings From New Yorker~ 7.95 Euro(10.81 Dollars)
White Beret From Claire's~13.00 Euro(17.38 Dollars)
Hoop Earring From CR~4.00
Stud Earrings Gift From Nicole of NYC on my Mind
Custom Grey Made Uggs From Burresi~219.00 Euro

Hello Everyone. On Saturday I took a train over to Mainz. Which this was my first time riding a real train. Hubby and me had a great time. We meet a set of friends over there to have dinner. We ate at this little mexican restaurant. The food was great. 

Mainz Church