Heidelberg Castle Part 2

by Amy Fashion Blog

In the apotheke(pharmacy) museum

They used to keep animals in here

Part of the Castle at night

Sun Clock

On the walk up to the castle

In the Castle

Part of the castle
Hello Everyone. Today I'm showing more of the Heidelberg Castle. This was my second time going to this castle. The first time was in 2006. Which I only walked thru the court yard. This time around we did the tour guided. Which takes you in to the castle. It was so fun going in to the castle. Today the castle is used for wedding and other get together.  To get in the court yard it cost 6 Euro and the tour guided is 4 euro. So to see the whole castle is 10 Euro. You can even have lunch or dinner at the castle in the restaurant they have there.

We didn't eat there for dinner. We went to Die Kartoffel for dinner. Which this restaurant is my favorite. We don't go to it a lot because it is on the expensive side. Plus it an hour away from us.