Couple Selfie Outfits.

by Amy Fashion Blog

 November 11, 2013~ Out to lunch with friends
 Grey Beret From Wicky~3.99 Euro(5.48 Dollars)
  November 15, 2013~ Dinner with Hubby
White Beret From Claire's~13.00 Euro(17.38 Dollars) 
November 16,2013~ Double Date Night
Black and Gold Dress From New Yorker~19.95 Euro(27.41 Dollars)

Hello Everyone. Here are some of my latest outfits. I wasn't able to get a whole shot of the outfit but I was able to get some selfie. Berets have become my new favorite things to wear. So you will be seeing them a lot this fall and winter time. There actually  on my Christmas list. Also twisting my hair has become my favorite way to do my hair.

I came across this Mariah Carey Song today and it very comforting. Specially seen what happen in my family last Tuesday.

I will try my best to be around to your blogs soon.