BBCA DAY 17~ Monthly Remix Recap: Pink Rockstar Jeans

by Amy Fashion Blog

 February 21, 2012~  ORSAY Black Sweater 
October 13, 2012~Ivory Sweater From ORSAY
November 10,2012~Grey and pink Sweater
January 21,2013~White Dress Shirt 
September 24, 2013~  Aqua Cardigan and White Cami

Hello Everyone. Since today is another busy day. I decide to would be the prefect time to do a monthly recap post. Since it BBCA time. I choose to show case my pink rockstar jeans. Which I haven't worn that much this year because they have become to big for me :( but I still wear them for time to time. I have worn these pant 11 times on the blog and a few time not on the blog. My parent gave me a gift card to old navy for 2011 and when I saw these pant. I knew I had to make them be mine. Which hubby total approved of too.

My Pink For Today Pure Ice Crackle in Pout and O.P.I. A-ha! Moment 

  Today Breast Cancer Item is Kroger. They lit there home office in pink and doing a good a moment of donation this month to help breast cancer research.