by Amy Fashion Blog

Using the Swiffer container to separated Hubby toe sock and regular socks
For the container holding the Q-tips I left the lid on it. For the other ones I cut the lids off.
Hello Everyone. I'm back with another linking up with H&K Style Journey Pin it and Did It. This weeks Pins are super easy to do. Also they are great with organizing.  First we have a swiffer container box that the wet wipes come in. Hubby was complaining to me that he want his toe sock and his regular sock separated. Once I was done with the wet swiffer I didn't want to throw the container out. So I let it air dry and clean it out. Then I put it in hubby sock drawer. Which I was happy the swiffer container was a prefect first. Then I just throw his toe sock in the swiffer container. Now he doesn't have to go digging for his toe sock. I know you all are problay wondering why my hubby wear toe sock. Well It is because he wears Vibram Five Finger shoe everyday and they help with not making the shoe smell. 

For my second project is reusing Charmin wipe container. Before our stuff arrived from the states we were buying charmin wipes. So we ended up having a good amount of the container. Seen the container where so pretty decorated I end want to get rid of them. So I decide I needed to find a use for them because I also didn't want them sitting around. So as I was putting stuff away in the bathroom it hit me. Why not put q-tips in one.  So thats what I did. Now I don't have the huge ugly q-tip box sitting in the medicine cabinet. Then I took another and put all my nail tools and small stuff in it. Then for the last one I use it to hold my hair brush. I took the label maker and label them that way we know what is in them. 

Now that we have all are stuff from the states I just re-fill the charmin wipe boxs up with cottenale wipes. That we already had.