What I got for my birthday

by Amy Fashion Blog

~Birthday Card From My Mom, Dad and Sister with 25.00 
~Eos Lip Balm From Hubby
~Birthday Card From E
~Birthday Card From Scribble
~Coach Wallet with my name engraved in it. Along with cleaner From Hubby
~BE Makeup From MIL Peg and Janet
~Birthday Card From Oma along with $50.00
~Birthday Card From S and B
~Pink Sheer Tank, Pink scented nail polish and nail polish art kit for The C Family

Hello Everyone. I know I haven't been around much. Mostly it due to getting the house put together and just being busy with life. Every weekend we are out doing something with are friends. 

On July 20 was my birthday. Which I couldn't have asked for a better one. I got everything off my birthday wish and more. The day of my birthday hubby took me out for lunch at pizza it. We really like there pizza. After that we went to a cupcake bakery and got a dozen of cupcake. They were amazing. Later that night we went out to dinner with a few of are friend. We went to an Italian restaurant. Which the food was amazing. After dinner we came back to my house where we had cupcake and then went out for drinks. 

Thank you to everyone who sent me a birthday wish via IG, Facebook and Twitter it meant a lot to me. Also thanks to everyone who sent me a birthday card and a gift.