DIY: Nail Polish Display

by Amy Fashion Blog

Hello Everyone. Today I'm linking up with H&K Style Journey Pin it and Did It.  Seen I have become a housewife. I have a good amount of free time on my hands. That when I'm not working on getting my house done or running errands.  So I have been going on Pinterest a lot. I came across this picture that a person turn a picture frame in to a display tray.  After seeing it. I knew I wanted to make one for my nail polish. Since I didn't have any extra picture frame. I knew I had to go buy one. Before I went out and brought one. I decide to go to the reuse center. It is a center we have here. Where people take there unwanted stuff and drop it off. So other people can get use out of it. Everything there is free. I went over there one day. Just to look around. To my luck I came across this heart picture frame.  Only problem it had a broken standing. Which is probably why it landed in the reuse center.  I didn't care that the back way broken. 

I came home that day and finish taking the broken piece off with a pair of pliers.  Once that was off. I went to my old greeting card and find one that I sent to my hubby.  When he was deployed back in 2006 and put that in the frame. After the frame was put together. I put the frame in my bathroom and put my nail polish on it. Now I have a pretty display frame and It didn't cost me a thing. 

The reuse center has become my favorite place to go. I go a couple time a week just to see what I can find. The other day I brought home a filing cabinet. Which I need another one. I'm hoping I can find another cute frame. That way I can make a cork board for my desk.