Quick Update

by Amy Fashion Blog

Left Upper  Corner~ Bier Stein on top of my kitchen cabinet
Right Upper Corner~ Pink Water Can
Bottom Left Corner~ Key Holder, Mail Holder and Chalk Board. All in on Frame on the wall by the main door.
Bottom Right Corner~ Over 200 Cookie Cutter

Hello Everyone. I'm still alive and doing well. I hope you all are doing well. I been unpacking box's. Which I have 8 more box's to unpacked and there will be all unpacked. The fun part is finding places for everything to go. I wish I could say I have one room done but I don't. Well I do have the half bathroom done. If you want to count that. I also almost have the main bathroom done to. We just need to go buy a cabinet for by the sink and then that bathroom will be done. 

Last Friday is when the moving truck showed up with all the box's on it.  The first 10 box or so where just shoe and clothes. Which I had 3 wardrobes boxes filled with clothes and hubby only had one. I some how got most of my clothes to fix in the German Shrunk. I still have some zip up hoodie to find a home from. For now they are sitting on top of a box.

I'm hoping in a few weeks I will be back to my normal blogging schedule and reading your blogs. First thing first is getting my house put together. Which I would love to have it done before my birthday. Which is July 20th.