Die Kartoffel in Ladenburg

by Amy Fashion Blog

Hello Everyone. On Saturday May 25th, 2013. We went to a resturant called Die Kartoffe. Which means the potato. For Hubby and me this wasn't are first time eating here. When we first lived in Germany back in 2005-2008 we at here once a month. It was only a 15 to 20 minute drive from Heidelberg. Which is where we live back then. Now we have an hour drive to get to Ladenburg from Wiesbaden. 

We took our friends here for dinner on Saturday and they loved it. They had so much fun cooking there steak on a hot rock. Also they loved the potato.  Its a fun little place to eat and have fun.

If you ever come to Germany I would recommend you to check out Die Kartoffel.

All of us with our hot rocks. Minus the little one. He ate off of his mom and dads plate. 
Me and Anthony at Die Kartoffel (aka. Steak on a rock) photo Amy001.jpg
Here an Old Picture of Hubby and me at Die Kartoffel