Waldgeist Xxxxxl Restaurant

by Amy Fashion Blog

Waldgeist Xxxxxl-Restaurant
Huge Table with Huge Chairs
 Hello Everyone, I hope you all are having a great day. I know I'm. I passed my drivers test. So now I can drive in Germany. 
Jäger Sauce
Last week on we went to waldgeist. Which in english is mean Grove spirit. Waldgeist Xxxxxl is know for the XL food.  So hubby and me went to go try it out. We got a 1/2 of a schnitzel  and split it. The schnitzel was very good. Way better then my homemade kind. 
My Plate
 Everything you order is is huge. The smallest Cola you can get is a liter. The biggest one you can get in 3 liters. You also can get bier that big too. There hambueger are the size of the plates. If you ever get a chance to come to Wiesbaden. I would so check this restaurant out. We plan on going back with are friends and there two sons.
1/2 Jäger Schnitzel 

Sitting in a huge chair

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