May Monthly Spending and Saving

by Amy Fashion Blog

5-1-13 Scarp-booking Class at the Arts and Craft Building-15.00
5-2-13 Sally Hasen Base/Topcoat From the Px-4.29~NEED
5-2-13 Schink Refill Razor Blades From The Px-9.39~NEED
5-4-13 Coach Sandals From The Px Normal 126.00 on clearance for 94.47-25% off=70.85 DIDN'T NEED
5-4-13 O.P.I. Princesse Rule From The Px-7.20~NEED
5-4-13 O.P.I. Elephantastic From The Px-6.80~NEED
5-4-13 Columbia Mint Green Jacket From the Px~99.00~NEED
5-6-13 Cotton Rounds From The Px~1.75~NEED
5-6-13 Nail Polish Remover From The PX-1.19~ NEED
5-14-13 Makeup Remover Wipe From The Px-3.59~ DIDN'T NEED
5-14-13 Sauve Body Wash in Cucumber Melon From The Px-1.90~ NEED
5-19-13 Panasonic Heat Eyelash Curler From The Px Normal 9.95 on Sale For 4.95~ DIDN'T NEED
5-20-13 Under Amour Shoe From The Px-63.99~ NEED
5-21-13 Yoga Mat From The Px-17.99~ NEED
5-21-13 Under Amour Water Bottle From The Px~10.95~NEED
5-26-13 Suave Keratin Shampoo From The Px-3.29~ NEED
5-26-13 Suave Keratin Conditioner From The Px-3.29~ NEED
5-26-13 Got 2B Guardian Angel Gloss Finish Flat Iron Balm From The Px-4.85~NEED


Hello everyone. This month I went a little over broad and way over budget. The big purchase where my 2 pair of shoe and my jacket. I need to jacket since it rain a lot in Germany. The jacket is water proof. Which is prefect to wear in the rain. I did break my clothing ban with buying it. For the shoe. I didn't need the coach sandals at all. I just mainly got them do to they were on sale. Plus the will give me another pair of sandals to wear until I get my stuff in July. As for the Under Amour shoe I need them for Zumba. I been going to Zumba on Monday and Thursday.  The first time I did Zumba in my walking Puma shoe and man did my feet hurt. Also on Tuesday I do circuit training. So the Under Amour Shoe work for that. 

Broke my clothing ban at 40 days. Now to start over again.

I have gone 28 days with out buying clothes and 11 days with out buying shoe.

Total Spending for the Year

Total Saving for the Year