March and April Monthly Spending and Saving

by Amy Fashion Blog

March Spending
DSW~ Didn't Need
3-1-13 Guess Pink Wedge Normal 59.95-30%=41.96
3-17-13 Calvin Klein Nude Peep Toe Shoe Normal 59.94-70%=17.98-30%=12.59
3-17-13 Hilfiger Nude, Red and Nude Sandals Normal 59.94-80%=11.99-30%=8.39
3-17-13 Simpson Gold Heels Normal 59.94-80%=11.99-30%=8.39
3-17-13 Nude Bow Peep Toe Normal 39.94-80%=7.99-30%=5.59
3-17-13 Silver Peep Toe Flats Normal 49.94-80%=9.99-30%=6.99
3-17-13 #6's Blue Wedge Normal 44.94-40%=26.96-30%=18.87
3-17-13 Brooke Red Kitten Heels Normal 49.94-70%=14.98-30%=10.49
3-17-13 Kelly&Katie Red Heels Normal 34.94-30%=24.46-30%=17.12
3-17-13 Vintage Nude Sandals Normal 89.94-80%=17.99-30%=12.59

3-2-13 Pore Stripes From Meijer Normal 6.59-1.00 Coupon=5.59~ DID NEED

Old Navy~ Didn't Need
3-17-13 Diva Skinny Jeans Normal 29.50 on Clearance For 12.99-15% Coupon=11.04
3-22-13 Chambray Camper Shirt Normal 24.94 on Sale For 19.00-15% Coupon=16.15

Saving- 2,738.17
April Buys
4-3-13 VIVI Nails Pedicure and Manicure-35~DID'T NEED
4-6-13 Shellac From Day Break-50~ DIDN'T NEED
4-8-13 Suave Shampoo From The PX-1.99~DID NEED
Suave Conditioner From The PX-1.99~ DID NEED
 Poof Ball From The PX-1.99~DID NEED
4-9-13 Disney Greeting Card From Hallmark-6.35~DID NEED( So I can mail Birthday Card Out)
Pink and Black Cards From Hallmark-7.95~DID NEED( So I can mail Birthday Card Out)
4-10-13 Shaving Cream From The Commissary-1.49~DID NEED
4-13-13 Suave Sweet Pea Body Wash From The PX-1.90~DID NEED
Plastic Reusable Cup From The PX-5.99~DID NEED(That way I can get water from the lobby of the hotel)
Makeup Remover Wipe From The PX-3.59~ DID NEED
4-13-13 Bare Minerals Foundation From Sephora 27.00-15% VIB Coupon=22.95 DID NEED
Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara From Sephora 18.00-15% VIB Coupon=15.30 DID NEED
Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose Tinted From Sephora 22.50-15% VIB Coupon=19.13 DID NEED
4-20-13 Braun Satin 7 straightener From 33.61 Euro(43.88 Dollars)~ DID NEED
Braun Satin 7 Blow Dryer From 29.40 Euro(38.39 Dollars)~ DID NEED

Total~ 257.89
Saving~ 2,955.14

Hello Everyone. Today I sharing with you all my monthly spending for March and April. I didn't do March recap last month due to my move but I still kept track of it. The big chunk of my spending in March was shoe. I want to stock up and get some shoe off my wish list. Plus take advantage of my 30% discount that I had at DSW. As for Old Navy goes if you been reading my blog for sometime now. You know that is my store. So I want to pick up some more skinny jeans. Since there no Old Navy in Germany. 

For this month April I had to get a lot of things. That I use on a daily basic. Mainly because you can only fit so much of it in your suitcase.  I needed a new blow dryer due to the one I had was 120v and in Germany the voltage is 220. So I gave my old one to my mom and brought a new one that would work over here. My straightener was dual voltage which was nice. Only problem is that it is 8 years old. So it start to make funny noise. So we thought it would be best to go buy a new one that was 220v. Which I'm loving my new blowdryer and straightener. My hair is nice a smooth with it. 

So over all I went over my 100.00 dollar spending for the month. Next month will be a better month. 

I have gone 38 days with out buying clothes and 43 days with out buying shoe.

Total Spending for the Year

Total Saving for the Year