Housing Hunting

by Amy Fashion Blog

4-15-13~ Studying for driver test/laundry day
Jeans Almost Famous Jeans From CR 32.99 I got them for 50% off
 Black Steve Madden Heaven Flats From DSW~27.96
4-16-2013~Housing Hunting
Gray and Blue Stripe 3/4 Sleeve Shirt From The Px(Haven't worn since March of 2012)
Gray Cami From Target~ 2.00 on Clearance
Opal Jeans From CR~29.99 40% off
White Puma From DSW ~26.92

Hello Everyone. On Monday I started to study for my drivers test. The last time I was over in Germany. I didn't drive. I walked everywhere or took the bus. This time around hubby wants me to get my driver license. So there for I have to study all the german sign and laws. I have a good amount of road sign that I know by heart and can tell you what they are. I still need to get the rest of the sign down and the laws down. 

As far as house hunting is going it's not going all that great. We looked at an apartment yesterday but we decide it wasn't for us. I went to the house office to day to schedule to look at another house we liked but the guy in front of me took it. I was so upset.  We might be looking at another house today. We are just waiting on the leasing office to call us back. Find a house might end up making me crazy. 

I will try my best to read your blogs. It will take me a couple of month to get the swing of blogging again on a regular basic again.

Thank you all who have been reading my blog and leaving me comment. During this move. It means a lot to have so many people supporting my small blog. Thanks again.