April Nails and Toes

by Amy Fashion Blog

4-2-13 Pink nails polish on my nails and toes(didn't get the name of it) Upper Left Corner Nails and Right Corner Toes

4-6-13 French Manicure Day 1~ Lower Left Corner
4-25-13 French Manicure Day 19~ Lower Right Corner

Hello Everyone. This month I  treated myself to getting my nails done. After all the packing we did for the move here to Germany. My nails look nasty. Plus they broke. So I had to cut them all off but lucky they all have grown back. 

On April 2 I went to Vivi nail salon and got a pedicure/manicure. Well after 4 days my manicure was all chipped. Which upset me. So hubby told me that I could get my nails done again. So I decide to do a shellac manicure. Which I'm happy I did. Its been 19 days since I got the shellac on and my nail didn't chip at all. They have been grown out. So the are peeling at the top. 

So I'm not sure if I going to go buy some nail polish and paint them myself. I might just get shellac done again. Guess you will have to wait until next month to see.

As far as my nail polish goes. We try to mail it thru the post office but it was a no go. So MIL Peggy is going to try her best to see how she can get it to me. So for now I have no nail polish.