Weekend Recap

by Amy Fashion Blog

Hello Everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend. My was a great one spent with the one I love. My Family. Also this weekend was a Priscilla free weekend. Due to she went and stay with one of our friends for the weekend. Who has a chocolate lab. So they had a weekend long play date. Which it is nice and weird at the same time. Hubby and me both miss her. We get her back tomorrow.

On Saturday I went out to dinner with my mom and sister. After dinner we did a little shopping. When we were shopping I brought flower for MIL Peggy. After I spent a few hours with my mom and sister. Then I head to my MIL house. Where I gave her the flower and visit with her. The hospital let her go home. Since it will take up to a week for the result to come back. The Dr's where very shocked that my MIL got her voice back. It normal take people who have surgery a week to get it back. My MIL told the Dr. That she got her voice back so quick because she needs to yell at people.

After I spent a few hours with my MIL it was time to head back home.  I came home and find out hubby brought me the Breaking Dawn Part 2. So we have a movie night. With popcorn and ice cream.

For today we woke up and went out to lunch at chipotle. Then after lunch we went to the movie and saw identity theft. After we came home and watched lorax. So Sunday has been a movie day for us.