Purple and Pink Work Outfit

by Amy Fashion Blog

 Pink Cami From Aeropostale~ 19.50
 Curvy Skinny Jeans From NY&Company Christmas Gift From Janet 
Pink Circle Necklace Won From Fancy Steps Giveaway
 Pink Earring From H&M~ Got them in Germany
 Pink Bow Head Band Gift From Secret Santa From Work(2011)
  Baby G Watch Christmas Gift From Hubby(2012)
Uggs Boot Christmas Gift From Hubby(when we lived in Germany)

Hello Everyone. Thank you all for the get well wish. I'm happy to say I'm back to my normal self with health wise. Which is a good thing. Since I have a lot do in the next couple weeks. The hardest part is going to be say good bye to everyone.

My co-worker were yelling at me today. Saying you better not get sick on your last day of work. That because they have something up there sleeve and I have no idea what. Beside that we have a going away party this weekend with friend and one next weekend with are family.

I also need to start packing my suitcase. Which man I having the hardest time figuring what to pack. Due to what I pack I will have to live with for 2 month's before my other stuff arrives. I know I can do it. 

Also sorry I haven't been by to read you blog much. Most of you know I'm in the middle of a huge move. Which is happen in 3 weeks.