Valentine's Day Outfit

by Amy Fashion Blog

 White Long Sleeve From Old Navy-4.00
 Curvy Skinny Jeans From NY&Company Christmas Gift From Janet 
Uggs Boot Christmas Gift From Hubby(when we lived in Germany)

Hello Everyone. I had a very nice valentines day. I broke my shopping ban but its all good because I went 193 days with out buy any new clothes. Which is my new record. I want to be festive and comfy. So this red heart t-shirt was prefect. Only problems is I got to hot in outback wearing this outfit. L got sick so she wasn't able to make it. Over all Hubby and me had a great day together. 

To we have been lazy and watching Tv. Plus I been sleeping on and off.

Priscilla let me put green doggie bow in her fur today
I will not be posting over this weekend. So I hope you all have a good one. I will be back on Monday to read your blogs.