My Shoe Collection 2013

by Amy Fashion Blog

Right Corner
 2 Pairs of 5 fingers
Flip Flip Slippers and Slippers
 Left Corner
9 Pair of Flats
Right Bottom Corner
3 pairs of Wedges
 5 Sandals
Bottom Left Corner
All 6 pairs of Uggs
1 slipper and 4 Boots

 10 pairs of Flip Flops
Left Top Corner
11 pair of heels(2 aren't pictured)
Bottom Left Corner
3 Fashion Sneakers
2 Puma
1 Reebox
1 Nike
7 Pairs Of Boots

Hello All. Today I decide to clean out my closet. As I was going thru my shoe. I decide to do an update shoe collection. Seen it been almost a year since I did one last. As I was going thru my shoe I put 6 pair in a box to be taken to good will.  So that took me from having 68 pair of shoe to 62. 
I have gained 7 pairs of shoe from the last time I showed you all my shoe.

In 2012 I added 5 pairs of PINK Shoe in to my closet.

My Shoe Wishlist
  • Red Shoe
  • Pink Dress Shoe
  • Nude Flats or Low heel pumps
  • Black Low Heel Pumps~ To replace the ones I have
To see shoe collection Click Below

I hope you all enjoy seeing my shoe collection. It was fun for me to see all the shoe I own. I also made me realize what I need to add in my collection. Plus I'm getting rid of 6 pairs. Also happy to announce that my flips flop can almost fit in one basket