My Blah Thursday Work Outfit

by Amy Fashion Blog

 White Tee Shirt From Aéropostale~ 3.99 on Clearance
 Dark Washed Jeans Christmas Gift From My Mom and Dad
Purple Flower Headband From CR-.99
 Earring From Target
 Ugg Brown Boots Gift From Hubby From DSW

Hello Everyone. First sorry for the crappy pictures today. I had no time to take my normal pictures that I post on here. I had an appointment at 8 this morning. So I was in a rush to get ready. So therefor that why my picture are bad. I also just throw this outfit together this morning. Without putting much thought in it.  I just want to be cozy. After my appointment it was off to work for me. 

I was going to wear a dress shirt under this cardigan but I couldn't get to look right. So as far as a remix outfit goes. I just wore different boots with the cardigan this time. 

Since it Thursday it time for Awkward and Awesome time.

~Calling the wrong H&R block to see when my appointment was. 
~ Asking a customer is there was anything wrong with us. Which i meant to say is there anything wrong with the shoe. He end up asking me if I was sure there was nothing wrong with me. (which the only thing wrong with me is this secret I been carrying around with me)

Which I'm hoping to be able to tell you all in March my Secret.

~After Tuesday I will be off from work for a few days