Flower Combat Saturday Work Outfit

by Amy Fashion Blog

Vest not pictured because it was a last minute addition to my outfit.

  Lace Vest From CR~19.99
 Curvy Skinny Jeans From NY&Company Christmas Gift From Janet
Pearl Necklace Gift From MIL Peggy(Wear these on my Wedding day)
Pearl Earrings From CR~4.00

Hello Everyone. I so love how my outfit turn out today. This outfit came together with my boots. I been eye balling these boots for month. Even when I was off in January for 5 day. I was eye balling them on Instagram. Everyone at work knew my love for these boots. I told L on Tuesday if they went on sale I was going to buy them. So yesterday they marked them down when I was on lunch. When I came back from lunch. They where like Amy we marked them down. I was so excited. The manger was like go try them on. So I ran over there and tryed them on. Then I put them on hold. 
These boot were meant to be. There was a two size 6 left and a 7 and half. Also a Size 8 which is my size. So after work I text hubby and told him I was buying the boots because they were going to be 25.00 now. I didn't give him a chance to say anything. He hates these boots. I'm hoping they will grow on him. 
I can't tell you how many people told me they loved my boots. Manger M was like you look cute today. I told her I feel cute. These boots were just the pick me up I need. Special with everything that has been going on lately with me. 
The boots are normal 49.95-30% clearance and then 30% employee discount=24.47