by Amy Fashion Blog

2-3-13 What Aura Gonna Wear?~Top Right Corner
2-3-13 Justa' Pinch of Glitter~ Ring Finger~Top Right Corner
2-9-13 And a Cherry on Top~ Top Left Corner
2-9-13 Already Famous~ Heart on Thumb~Top Left Corner
2-16-13  Leotard Optional~Bottom Left Corner
2-24-13 Read My Palm~Bottom Right Corner

Wet N Wild Spoiled
2-16-13 S068 Jewelry Heist ~ Bottom Left Corner ( My all time favorite glitter polish)
Birthday Gift From Camille From I am Never Naked(27)

Hello All. I was supposed to work today but I had to call off. Due to I have a major head cold. So my Pj's and the bed/couch have been my best friend. Thankful I have a super sweet hubby. Who has been taking care of me. Also taking Priscilla on walks.
Since the end of the month is a pond us. I thought it would be a prefect time to do a monthly nail recap. Plus its an easy post for this sick chick to do. Hubby did yell at me for painting my nails today. It was like what are you doing. You nails can wait. I didn't listen to him. I did them any ways.

I would have to say my favorite nails for this month was what I had on last week. Also this month I did something different and drew heart on my nails. Which you can learn how I did that here