Bundle Up Work Outfit

by Amy Fashion Blog

Black Jockey Cami From The PX
 Black Gap Skinny Pants Christmas Gift From Oma or Parents
 Flower Hair Piece From Forever 21~ 2.50
Earring Gift From MIL Peggy
Black Wedge Uggs From DSW~69.98 

Hello Everyone. I was much warmer at work today. This morning I woke up and told myself I wasn't going to mess around. I went in to my closet and grab my green v-neck under armor base layer. I put that on. Then I decide I was going to wear this purple sweater. Since it was a v-neck too. I need something to cover my cleavage up. So I garbed a black cami and put it over my UA base layer. Then I put the rest of my clothes on. I didn't get cold one bit at work today and I loved it. I could feel the cold coming in to the store. My other co-worker thought I was a little crazy but I didn't complain once that I was cold. Like they were doing.
Also do you guy like that I'm doing uplcose shoots of my earring and hair piece