Winter Favorites

by Amy Fashion Blog

 Hello Everyone. Today I want to share with you all my favorite items for winter.
 My all time favorite drink in the winter time is Hot Chocolate. Which I just buy a can of Swiss miss mix for 4.99 at Kroger. Then I find Mallow Bits and add them in to my Hot Chocolate. This is way cheaper to buy then the prepackage kind.

I love making Chili this time of year. This is what we are having for dinner tonight. Which the recipe for it will be post next month. So keep your eye out for it.

Janna Of View From the 512. Got me both of these product. Which I in love with both of them. I used them both every day. I keep them on my computer desk for easy access. The EOS lip balm leave your lip nice and soft. Which you need a good lip balm during these cold weather days. The hand cream keeps my hands from being dry and cracking.
Fuzz Socks~ I wear these around the house. Also I wear them with boots that have no warm lining in them.
Fleece Pj's Pants~ I love wear these to bed and chilling around the house in.

My last item that I couldn't live with out is my snuggie.