Old Navy Haul

by Amy Fashion Blog

Jeans .47 cent a piece, Red Cardigan 5.99 ~ Brought Today

Vest 5.47 Tank 8.47~ Brought Yesterday
Hello Everyone. Today I want to share with you all my Old Navy Haul. In yesterday post I mention how I went at Old Navy with a 25.00 gift card I won from Pongr in November. Which I still had 10.25 left on it. Well after I got my hair cut today. I stop in Old Navy again since it is right next to my salon. I was only going to in there to look around and I find a red/orange cardigan for 6.99. So I pick it up. Due to this past holiday season I decide I need a red cardigan since I don't own one. So I carried the red/orange cardigan around with me. 

Then I saw a rack for 90% off. So I start to look throw it. When I saw jeans in my size for .47 cent. I was like this can't be right. So I ran to the fitting room to see if they fit and they did. A Old Navy worker was like do the fit I was like they sure do. I just can't believe they are .47 cent. She was like I know crazy right. So Hubby said for that price I should get both pair. Even tho there the same kind. I know I will get use out of them.
So as I was walking to the men department  I saw this red cardigan for 5.99. Which it was prefect and the right color I was looking for.  So I put the 6.99 red/orange back.

Also yesterday the tank top was meant to be. I saw it online and it said no store had it. So I was so happy to find it at my Old Navy in my size. That just means it was meant to be. Also I been wanting another vest and find the prefect one.
So over my Old Navy Trips were amazing. In total I walk out with 5 items. 3 on my wishlist and 2 not but come on I couldn't leave those Jeans in the store. I spent a total of 22.12 which was pay with my gift card. So there for I'm still going good with my shopping ban. I save a whooping 112.95.

Also the jean were so cheap because they were an online return that the store was trying to get rid of. The jeans run for 34.50 online.

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