Dad's Birthday Lunch

by Amy Fashion Blog

Casey~ My parents dog,(Soon to be 13 years old)  Dad and Casey, Lunch and going thru old pictures with Mom

Hello Everyone. Today I drove over to my parents house. To take my dad out to lunch for his birthday. Since I couldn't celebrate it with him on Monday due to work. We had a great lunch date. It was my dad, my mom and me. My dad was nice and let me pick the place to eat lunch at. So I choose to go to Olive Garden. Since I been wanting there all you can eat soup and salad for 6.95. After lunch we went to Target to exchange my pink neon sock they got me for Christmas. Since the pair I had a hole in them. After Target we ran to the local fruit market and picked up ice cream. Then we went back to there house. Where my mom and me went thru old pictures. Which she let me have 2 of them. Also while I was there I found Hubby Uggs slipper. I thought they were lost but I was wrong.