Christmas Gift 2012

by Amy Fashion Blog

Happy New Year All. Today I decide to share with you all what I got for Christmas. It a week late but its all good. 
  1. Tinsel Town O.P.I. Nail Polish Set From Hubby
  2. Black Ugg Slipper From Hubby
  3. Baby G White Watch From Hubby
  4. Josie Maran Bearnaked nail Wipes From Hubby~ Used these already at love them
  5. North Face White Jacket From Hubby
  6. Pink Army Shirt From Hubby
  7. 5 Pairs of Fun Knee High Socks From Mom and Dad
  8. 2 Pairs of Jeans From Mom and Dad
  9. Elf Eye Shadow From Mom and Dad
  10. Keychain Photo Frame From Mom and Dad
  11. Bobbie Pin From My Sister
  12. Hand Wash From My Sister
  13. Blue Puff Ball and A Pink One From My Sister and L
  14. Christmas Pin From My Sister
  15. Girl Game Pink Calendar From Co-worker M
  16. Flower Shirt From L
  17. Tie Dye Cardigan From L
  18. 3 Packet of Kleenex From L
  19. Foot Scrub and Soap From L
  20. Body Wash and Lotion From L and MIL & FIL
  21. Pink Makeup Bag From MIL & FIL
  22. 2 Nail Polish and 2 Lip Gloss From L
  23. Pink Wash Cloth From L
  24. Puppy Calender From Aunt Terry
  25. Hoop Earrings, Vs Eye Shadow and Hair Ties From Camille of I am Never Naked
  26. Pink Neon Shirt and Jeans From Janet
  27. Pink scarf,glove and mitten set and Butterfly necklace From Scribble
  28. Coach Wrist-let
  29.  Fish Tank From MIL Peggy
  30.  All more stuff like paper,ornaments,Christmas mug and etc
I'm not bragging in any way about the gift I got. I was super blessed with everything I got. Also I was shocked at all the wonderful things I got. My family and friends told me not to worry about it. That I deserved it all for being such a great and loving person that I'm.  Thanks again everyone.

Also thank to all my blogger friends who sent me Christmas card in the mail. It meant a lot to me. That you thought about me.