by Amy Fashion Blog

 Turkey cooking, Putting the rest of the food in the oven, The table with all the food and
Then me making mashed potatoes.

Hello Everyone. I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it. I started cooking my turkey at 8am and then went back to bed. Mainly since I didn't get all that much sleep last night. Then I woke back up at 9am and got ready for the day. I decide to wear my Pink Suh jersey since the lions game was on. I paired it with my ripped up jeans. Then for a touch of fun and to make my outfit look festive I throw on my pink headband.

The turkey got done at 1:30pm. So we had an early lunch/dinner. Which I was planning on doing. Since my dad had to work at 8pm tonight. After we ate dinner then we had pumpkin pie. My dad had my pumpkin roll and love it. My oma's pumpkin rolls is still my favorite.

Good Luck to everyone going shopping on black Friday. This year will be my first year going. Then late on in the afternoon. I will be at work. It will be my first time closing on a black Friday too. 

Hubby cutting the turkey, Hubby and Me both wearing our Suh Jersey, My pumpkin roll and My dad making green bean casserole.