Ivory Sweater and Lace Vest Wednesday Work Outfit

by Amy Fashion Blog

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Tahari Greyson~ DSW Gift from Hubby Christmas Gift (2010)
Hello Everyone. I can't believe it is Wednesday already and we are 8 days away from Thanksgiving.  Which I still have to go to the store and buy my food for my Thanksgiving dinner.  That will be happening this weekend. This morning I went and pick up my wedding band. I been with out it for 2 week due to I had to get it re-size. Since I lost weight from doing Insanity

I had the hardest time waking up today. It was mainly because I been off for the last 3 days. Now it time to get back in to the swing of things again. I love having multiple days off in a row. It just hard to go back to work after them.  Also what made it hard to get up is that is was super cold out. It was in the 20's this morning. So I knew right away I wanted to wear my second favorite sweater. I decide to layer it with this lace vest.

When I first got this lace vest I would one wear it with the same ivory shirt and tank. Then I started to blog and read other blog. Then I realized that I could wear it more then just those two ways. Also I have had people leave me comment saying that this vest would look good over a brown shirt. Which I try out last November. 
Also a head up your are going to see the ivory sweater a lot this fall and winter. Due to I love it and its nice and warm.
  pleated poppy