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White Long Sleeve Under Armor Shirt Christmas Gift From Hubby(2011)
Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon Scarf  Birthday Gift From MIL Peggy (25)
Pink and Black Zebra Bow Headband Birthday Gift From MIL Peggy(27)
Gotta Flurt Shoe Gift From Hubby for my Birthday(26)~ 13.00 from DSW

Hello Everyone. Today is my day off. Plan for today is to spend it with my family. Which I haven't seen my MIL Peggy in a few month. I can't wait to see her today. As I was typing what I'm wearing up I notice that everything is a gift. I only purchased the shirt and jean when I worked at Charlotte Russ over 2 years going.  Also today outfit make my 400th remix outfit. Which I can't believe I have already remix 400 different outfit from my every own closet. Which I love. I know that this outfit it nothing special but it is getting the message out there to support a great cause which is Breast Cancer Awareness. Which I'm all about that. 

Also these jean are another item that I find this week that fit me again. Which I haven't worn these jean in a year and 4 month. I'm so happy that they fit again.

Priscilla Rocking Her Pink Scarf For BBCA

Last night we got Hungry Howie's Pizza to celebrate finishing Insanity 

BBCA: Blogger

If you want to join us is spreading the word. Just leave your name and blog in the comment below and I will add you to the list.

Today Breast Cancer Item is the Pink Ribbon Site.