BBCA DAY 30: October Monthly Spending and Saving

by Amy Fashion Blog

10-14-12 Suave Shampoo-2.74~NEEDED
10-14-12Suave Condition-2.72~ NEEDED
10-14-12Suave  moose-2.99~ DIDN'T NEEDED~ firgured I would get it since I had the coupon
*Had a buy 3 suave product coupon for 3.50 off. So all 3 items cost me 4.97
10-28-12 Biore pore strips-7.99~NEEDED
10-28-12 Venus Razor Blades-15.99~NEEDED

Victoria Secret
10-26-12 Undies-9.50 had a FREE coupon for them

10-26-12 BE Golden Gate Blush-19.00~NEEDED



Total Spending for the Year
September~ 6.98

Total Saving for the Year
January- 404.02
August- 3,471.54
September~ 3,752.95

Hello Everyone. It's the end of the month again. So it means it time for my month buys. Which this month I ran out of a lot of stuff. I can't tell you the last time I brought shampoo or razor was. I used to be a crazy coupon lady. When I live in Florida I would  shop at BJ's Warehouse. It like a Sam's club or Costco. What I like about Bj's was you could use a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon in the same transition. So there for every time I had a coupon for herbal   essences I would buy it. Since I was getting a huge bottle for a couple dollar. I also did the same thing with razor. So therefor I had a huge stockpile of it. So when I moved last year. I moved my stockpile with me. Which I just ran out of my stockpile this month. So therefor I had to actually go out and buy these items.  The only reason I pink up the moose was because I had a coupon of it. Plus I will have it when I run out of the bottle I'm using now. 

As for the blush I ran out on Friday so after work I went a pick up a new pod. Which the last time I brought blush was May of last year.  Also I can't tell you guy the last time I actually paid for a pair of underwear for VS because every few month I get a free coupon in the mail. When I lived in Florida my best friend would give me her coupons too. 

Have gone 
88 days with out buying clothes 
92 days with out buying shoe~ goal is to go 130 days or longer with buy no shoe

Today Pink. I wore this with a pair of jean. So I could run to progressive to get my bumper on my car looked at.

 I'm also link this post up to Franishh budget blogger feature. 

Today Breast Cancer item is this site I came across called Pink for October.