BBCA DAy 11~ Awesome and Awkward Thursday

by Amy Fashion Blog

 Black Pants From Target~24.99
Barrettes From Ulta~2.00
Earring From Target
 Boots From Old Navy~34.50~ I got them for 30% off 2 year.

Hello Everyone. Yesterday was so a Monday for me. Everything could have happen to me did. Started the morning off with getting oatmeal in my hair. To then taking Priscilla on a walk and stepped in dog poop. See those are thing that normal would happen on a Monday to people. I guess since yesterday was my first day back to work in 4 days. It was my Monday even tho it was a Wednesday. 

I haven't worn this pink cardigan in 9 months. So I decide to wear it again. Plus it the first time wearing it with black pants. Also it only my 4th time wearing it. 

Now its time for  Awesome and Awkward Thursday. 

~ Having my Walkie talkie fall in the toilet yesterday at work and I out loud yell eww gross.
~Having a staple in my shoe.

~ I got another Pink people choice award from helping a lady out on October 4th and she called it in.
~Thanks everyone who re-pined my Mood Board  pictures on Pinterest. I won 1st prize in April M Jewelry Contest.
~ I'm 10 followers away for 200. Thank you all for reading and comment on my blog every day. You truly make my day. 


Today Breast Cancer Items is Andy Boy