WIWW: Stripe Wednesday Work Outfit

by Amy Fashion Blog

Gray Wide Pants From New York Company~ Christmas Gift From Oma or Parent
Cream Hair Bows From Forever 21~ 1.50
Shoe Necklace From Forever 21~2.80
Earring Not Sure Where They Came From
Flats from Charlotte Russe-14.99

Hello Everyone. So this is the shirt that was in my before picture in my Insanity post for yesterday. As you can see if fits me 100% better now. Which make me so happy. I decided to pair it with these gray pants since its been 4 month I wore them last. Also I have never pair this top with these pants. I typically wear this top with jeans or khakis. The last time I wore them I did black pants. 

If you have been reading my blog you know that I made a new year resolution to not buy many new clothes this year. Which I can say I been doing awesome at it. At least I think so. My other new year resolution is not to wear jeans 5 days to work. I have been doing well at this too. I have a feeling its going to get hard for me to stick to this resolution since its getting colder out. It so easy to throw jeans on with a sweater and boots. Then out the door you go. Hopefully I can stick these last couple month out. 

Also you are going to be seeing me wore my glasses more because I run out of contact. I go to the eye Dr. on Friday. 

On another side note today start my 8 days work week. I don't see a day off again until next Thursday. 

pleated poppy