Pink,Black and Sequin Thursday Work Outfit

by Amy Fashion Blog

Black Maxi Skirt From Van Heusen-6.79
A Dog Tag Necklace Won From April M Jewelry Cutest Dog Contest
Nine West Earring From The PX
Pink and Black Zebra Headband Birthday Gift From MIL Peggy(2012)
Sandals From CR 18.99

Hello Everyone. Thank you all for you encouragement on yesterday post. It means a lot to me. Today outfit is a semi-remix outfit due to this black skirt is new. I find it over the weekend at Van Heusen outlet. It was normal 56.00 and was on sale for 7.99 and on top of that I had a 15% coupons. So that brought it down to 6.79. Which I think was an awesome find for this skirt. Specially since I know I will be able to remix it a lot. Also remix during the whole year.

I'm not doing Awesome and Awkward post today. I plan on doing them ever other week. But I do want to share with you some awesome thing that have happen to me this week.

~Getting a people choice award at work~ you get it when a customer make a call to customer service and they tell them what good job you have done. The calls are rate by number and it you get a high number you might get a people choice award. Well My number was high. This is the first time I have receive this award. It so made my week and my Monday.
~ I got a raise on Tuesday.