Birthday Haul

by Amy Fashion Blog free online photo editor, fun photo effects
Hello Everyone. Today I want to share with you all the gift I got for my birthday. I had a very good birthday and was amazed at all the card and gifts that I got in the mail. It meant a lot to me to see how many people that care and love me. Thanks again to everyone for the birthday wishes, cards and gifts you all made my birthday very special. 

To see what I got for my birthday last year CLICK HERE

  1. Blue card on the left is froCamille Of I am Never Naked 
  2. Purple card from my sister
  3. Horse mouth card from W
  4. Pink Happy Birthday card that play girl just want to have fun C
  5. Bee Card From M
  6. Cake Card From E
  7. Star Card From MIL Peggy
  8. Fortune Cookie Card From BFF Janet
  9. Circle Card From Scribble
  10. Flower Card From Oma 
  11. Balloon Card From Elizabeth
  1. Heart T-shirt, Black and Pink Cami, Pink Fur Cardigan and Blue Cape~ From Co-Worker L(Top right corner)
  2. Pink and Gold Earring, Spoiled Nail Polish~ From Camille Of  I am Never Naked (Middle Right)
  3. DSW Gift Card~ From My Parents~ Used on Pink Uggs (Middle Left)
  4. Snuggie,Dish Towel and Candle~ From My Sister(Top Left)
  5. 3 Headband, 2 Socks, Nail Art and Nail Sticker,Pink Flower~ From MIL Peggy( Left Hand Side)
  6. Pink Key Necklace and 25.00 Old Navy Gift Card~ From BFF Janet~ Used gift card on Aqua Cardigan( Bottom Left)
  7. Pink Bookmark~ From M
  8. Flower Seed~ From Scribble
  9. 50.00 Applebee Gift Card~ From Oma
  10. Swarovski A Charm~ From W
  11. 3 Pairs of shoe and a swim suit~ From Hubby

  1. Homemade White Cupcake~ Sister Made them
  2. Huge Cupcake From MIL Peggy