Update: What's in my Purse

by Amy Fashion Blog

Hello All. This will be my last post for the week. I will be back on Monday.  So I started my vacation on Tuesday and guess what now I'm sick with a sore throat. I hoping it will go away here soon. Special since I have plan for this weekend.  So today I decide to do an update what in my purse post. Which this is the same purse for last time too. I have been carrying this purse for 1 year and 6 month. Crazy I know. My co-workers are shock that is has been that long.

Coach Purse Christmas Gift From Hubby ~2010
Coach Wallet Christmas Gift From Hubby~2010
Coach Card Holder From The Coach Store~ 2005
Dentyne Pure Gum From Costco
Bath and Bodywork Hot Mamma Sanitizing Hand Gel From BBW
Goody Hair Brush From Target
Photo Album From Michaels  
2 Burt's Bee Lip Balm From CVS
Tissue From Target
Body Spray From VS
Mirror From Ultra
Kroger Coupons
Old Navy 10% Coupon
Sunscreen Stick
Ear Drops
Cross From MIL Peggy
God Coin From a Co-worker in Germany

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