by Amy Fashion Blog

Sweetheart Skinny Jeans From Old Navy~ 18.53
Pink Earring From H&M when I was living in Germany
Necklace From Walmart~5.00
Pink Plaid Fergalicious Shoe From DSW~14.67

Hello Everyone. Today outfit is very causal for me. Normal I try to dress up more for work but today I want to wear these shoe. The first top that I picked out that was more dresser didn't work how I want to wear it. So I decide to go plain Jane with a splash of pink. If you been reading my blog you know my love for pink. I kind have a huge problem with pink.

 I can't help it. Its like it's my drug. So you know when I saw these shoe at DSW I had to get them. Well over the weekend they got marked down to 30% off. So I knew it was time to buy them. On Monday I try on the size 8 and they were small in the toe area. So I got a size 8 and 1/2 which was a little big. I just add insole to them to make them smaller for me. Also I used my 25.00 dollar gift card that I won from Pongr # Brunch contest to buy them. 

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