Coral Thursday Work Outfit

by Amy Fashion Blog

Docker Black Carpi From Costco~18.99
Coral Flower Necklace From CR-.99
Earring Birthday Gift From Camille(I am Never Naked) 
Cream Hair Bows From Forever 21~ 1.50
BCBG Taupe and Coral Sandals From DSW~12.22

Hello Everyone. Sorry that I haven't been comment on your blogs. The last two days have been something else for me. On Tuesday hubby stay home from work because he is sick. He think he ate something bad. Then on that same day my car wouldn't start. So hubby jumped it and it worked fine. Well yesterday hubby went to work even tho he still didn't feel well. At 10:30am I'm getting ready to leave for work and guess what the car wouldn't start again. I have no idea what I was going to do. So I call work and tell them I'm going to be late because my car won't start. So the manger said get here when you can. After I called a co-worker to see if he could come help me out. Which I got no answer. So I start ring door bell on my street and no one is coming to answer the door. Lucky my co-worker called me back and asked me what was going on. 

I told him I was in a jam and if he could come jump my car or just take me to work. Which he said he would be right over. So he came and picked me up and took me to work. After hubby got off a work. He was able to jump my car and take it over to Auto Zone. Which they told him it was the battery. So he brought a new one for my car. Which now it is run again. Thank god. On other news hubby is still sick and called off work again. I hope he will feel better soon. We both are up all night because he kept having to run to the bathroom. TMI I know.

No awkward or awesome post this week. Due to I have no awkward thing that happen this week. Just stressful things.

I do have on awesome thing to share with you all. Which is Pongr used one of my pictures for there summer contest ad. That so made my day today.

My picture is the two 7-11 cups.