May Monthly Spending and Saving Recap/ 700 Post

by Amy Fashion Blog

Hello All. Today post makes my 700th post. Also it that time again. Where I share with you all what I brought for the month of May. I have gone 51 day with out buying clothes. The longest I have gone is 108 day which was at the being of this year. I also went 64 days with out buying shoe but broke that last month when I brought my pink shoe. I have gotten some new clothes but that was with my pongr winning. Which I still have money to spend from it.  So now on to what I brought for May. Which you can see it wasn't much and most of it was things I needed.

5-9-12 Suave moose From Kroger-2.17~ Needed more do to I ran out. Also was mad that the same day I got it there was Kroger coupon sitting at MIL Peg's house for me. Where the was a Suave coupon in there for 2 dollars off. So I have that for next time.
5-9-12 Undies From VS- 10.50 but had a FREE undies coupon. (I love these Coupons)
5-9-12 Strawberry and Champagne body spray From VS. 12.00-10.00 coupon= 2.00~ Needed some more and with the coupon it made it a great time to buy
5-15-12 Cotton Balls From Kroger~ Needed them. I used them to put nail polish remover on.
5-18-12 Blank cards From Walmart~ 97 cent ~ Didn't need them but for the price I couldn't pass them up. Plus I send a lot of Birthday card out. 

Total~ 6.14
Saving~ 994.05

 Total Spending for the Year

Total Saving for the Year
January- 404.02