May Monthly Nails and Toes

by Amy Fashion Blog

Hello All, We are coming to the end of the month. So you know what that means monthly nails. I started doing these type of post in January. Which I like showing you all the color I paint my nail for the month. Each week I try to paint my nails a different color. Some weeks I'm lazy and will just add sparkles or crackle polish over the chipping nails.

5-5-12 Fiercely Fabulous~ This is a light red color

5-15-12Acess 24/7~ Used in Pink Ombre
5-15-12Techno Girl~ Used in Pink Ombre

5-22-12 Silver Crackle~ Over Rimmel Stop Traffic on my Toe's

5-9-12 Iced Honey with O.P.I Fiercely Fabulous
5-15-12 Stop Traffic~ Used in Pink Ombre, Plus on my Toes

5-15-12 505 Pink Champagne~ Used in Pink Ombre 
5-26-12 Blue You~ This is a pretty dark blue color

5-15-12 50 Passing by Pink~ Used in Pink Ombre

You can find out what on my toe up at the top