by Amy Fashion Blog

Turquoise Cami From CR~ 7.50 ~I got 40% off
Pink Hair Clip~ Have no clue where it came from. I have a whole container filled with them.
Earring From Target
Necklace From CR~7.99-40% off
White Belt From Target 6.99
 Silver Report Flip Flip From DSW~19.99 that with my discount

Hello Everyone. Happy Thursday. I hope you all are having a good day. Mine is going good so far. This morning I had to take Priscilla(My Dog) back to Petco. Due to they miss one of her nails yesterday from when she got groomed. The workers at Petco where super nice about it. I called them up and told them about it and they said to bring her back in. Which I did. Priscilla wasn't to happy about it but now all her nail are one length like they should be.

For today outfit I decide to wear this white dress shirt. Since it's been about 4 month's. Since the lat time I have worn it. I try buttoning it up and didn't like it. So I told myself I was just going to leave it up button. A lot of my co-workers have been wearing button down like this and it looks super cute. So you know I had to give it a try.

Since I have had some Awkward and Awesome thing happen this week. I thought I would share them with you all and Link up to the daybook.

~ Having my flip flop fall off my foot as I was getting out of the car at Kroger
~ Telling the Chipotle work that the need to change the price on the sign board. Well the price was the update price. I was looking at the wrong thing and make a fool out of myself.

~ Was give Versatile Blogger Award from  Moya2bean of Chunky Funky Monkeyz (post will be up on Tuesday about this)
~Not having to close on Saturday