March Monthly Spending Recap and Saving

by Amy Fashion Blog

Hello Everyone. So this month I did a good amount of shopping. Most of it was stuff I needed. Also some was just great find.  On March 24 I broke my clothing shopping ban. I went 108 days with out buying clothes. Which is huge to me. I'm still on my shoe shopping ban. So far it been 58 days. Now to break down what I got this month. 

1. 3-4 Cushion Insole From DSW~3.95-30%=2.76~ NEEDED them for my grey flats
2. 3-7 Sinful 24/7 920 From Rite Aid-1.99 ~ DIDN'T NEED Just couldn't pass up Hot Pink
3. 3-7 Sally Hansen From Rite Aid~6.20 on Sale for 1.55~ DIDN'T NEED Just couldn't pass up the great deal
4. 3-17 Pink Watch From Meijer- 12.00 normal 14.00~ NEEDED it for work
5. 3-22 Secret Deodorant From Rite Aid~ I got 2 of them since they were Buy one get one 50%. So on was 5.49 and the other one was 2.74~ NEEDED 
6. 3-24 Pink Blazer From New York and Company~39.97 Normal 79.95 it was 50% off~ DID'T NEED 
Just a major want.
7. 3-29 Cream Hair Bows From Forever 21~ 1.50~ DIDN'T NEED Just couldn't pass them up
8. 3-29 Pearl Bobbie Pins From Forever 21~2.8-DID'T NEED  Just a another want of mine
9. 3-29 Dip It Off Nail Polish Remover From Christmas Tree Shop~0.12 DIDN'T NEED but for 12 cent I couldn't pass a deal like that up.
10. 3-29 A Note From Amy Card From The Christmas Tree Shop~1.00~ DID'T NEED

Sephora 3-29-12

1. Buxom Marrakech Lip Stick 18.00~ NEED due to I run out of my VS lip butter
2. Makeup Brush Shampoo~14.00~ NEED due to I'm almost out of my BE brush cleaner
3. BE Flawless Definition Mascara~18.00~ NEED ~ due to I was running out of the one I have been using
4. BE Medium Foundation~26.00~ NEED ~ due to I was running out of the one I have been using
5. Umbrella ~ FREE For being a VIB
6. A bag full of Sample~ FREE For being a VIB

They sent out a 15% coupon that I used on today purchase.

Total~ 136.32

 Total Spending for the Year

Total Saving for the Year
January- 404.02