by Amy Fashion Blog


Hello Everyone. Today I'm going to show you my favorite look for 2011. Also Scribble and Camille Favorite Outfit too. How I got my Favorite Outfit from everyone else was I just look at what was viewed the most. So lets get this started. 

My number 1 viewed the most outfit was March 12 with 762 views. Which is the teal and khaki outfit. The second viewed the most was April 12th with 194. This outfit was my black maxi dress and a purple cardigan. For the 3rd most view outfit was December 20th with 91 views. Which I don't have a picture of it up above but it was a red polo, white cardigan and jeans. My 4th most viewed outfit was November 8th with 89 view. This outfit is my black and white flower dress with a pair of black tight.  Number 5 most viewed outfit is Feb. 8th with 87 views. This outfit was done during my 30x30. It was a black blazer, nude and white cami with my black skinny jeans. Which this is one of my favorite outs too. 

Now on to number 6 most view outfit. That was on Feb. 7th with 86 view. Another 30x30 outfit. It was the black dress with the pink flower.  Number 7th outfit with the most view is March 8th with 60 view. This outfit is a white and black polka a dot shirt with my black skinny jeans. For the last outfit with the most view was my Pj's Project day on April 4th with 56th view. 

Now to tell you what Scribble and Camille Favorite outfits were. Scribble really like August 26th outfit. Which was my pink dress shirt, black blazer and black pencil skirt to meet the CEO of DSW. She also liked 6 other outfits. Which were June 26, March 25th, May 30. Also June 20th, July 26th and November 19th. Thank you Scribble for telling me you favorite outfits that I wore during 2011.

Camille told me that she really liked December 12th outfit. Which was my Ivory sweater with my grayish vest over it and a pair of jeans. Thank you Camille for telling me your favorite outfit. 

Some of my Favorite outfit was My color blocking  outfit. Which was very different and out of my comfort zone but I rocked it out. Also my 100th remix outfit and the last outfit is a white cami and black blazer. 

I hope you all enjoyed Camille, Scribble, the most viewed outfit and my favorite outfit for 2011. 

Tomorrow will be my 1st work outfit and outfit for 2012.