Top 10 for 2011

by Amy Fashion Blog

Hello All, Julia from My Life and Thoughts Tag me in Top 10 for 2011. So I thought it would be fun to do it. So there for no work outfit for today. I will try to get some picture tonight when I go out with hubby and my cousin bowling.

So Now on to my Top 10

1. Favorite Song- Selena Gomez Who Says and Pitbull Feat. T-Pain Shake Senora( Which you don't hear this song in Michigan. It played like crazy in Florida)
2. Favorite Trip- I would have to say my Orlando trip in May. 
3. Favorite Alcohol Drink- Since I don't drink alcohol that much. Maybe once every 6 month's or so. I would have to say Vodka and kool aid packed.
4. Favorite movie-The newest Harry Potter
5. Favorite Desert- Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory( Which we don't have any in Michigan)
6. Favorite Night Out- Would have to movie night with Hubby
7. Favorite Food- Shrimp Hands down
8. Favorite Book- I didn't read any books this year. So I would have to say the twilight series
9. Favorite Summer Day- August 7th-  Was the day I came back to Michigan
10. Favorite Journey- I would have to say my move back home. I hated the packing to get here but I love been back.

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