by Amy Fashion Blog


Hello Everyone. Happy Tuesday. I hope you all had a good Christmas. I had a very nice one with my family. The food I made turned out great. Everyone loved there gift. We played a lot of xbox and watched tv. 

I'm going to share the gift I got with you all. I'm not trying to brag in any way.

  1.  Pj's From My Sister
  2.  Fleece Pj's From Hubby
  3. 2 Electric Can Openers One From my Parents and One From My In Laws
  4. Head Bands and Hair Clips From Scribble
  5. A Pink Scarf From My Secret Santa From Work
  6. A Pink Bow Head and A Pink Flower Head Band From Secret Santa From Work
  7. 50.00 Old Navy Gift Card From My Parents
  8. O.P.I Nail Polish Set From Hubby
  9. Breast Cancer Awareness tote Bags From In Laws
  10. 5 Ornaments From BIL Johnny
  11. 2012 Dog Calender From Aunt Terry
  12. 2 Christmas Vase From Grandma M
  13. 4 Olga Gift Cards From Grandma M
  14. Pizza Remove for the oven From In Laws
  15. My Favorite Candy's From MIL Peggy
  16.  Shoe Tape From Hubby
  17. Heating Pad From Hubby
  18. Some Under Armor Clothes From Hubby
  19. Candy From Hubby
  20. Lottery Tickets From My Cousin Dale~ I hit 5.00 on it 
  21. 30.00 VS Gift Card From My Best Friend Janet

So That's My Christmas Gift Haul. I got everything on my list. My Secret Santa told me that I was so easy to shop for. I hope you all enjoyed  this and got everything you wanted.