My Christmas Decoration

by Amy Fashion Blog


Hello Everyone. Today I want to share with you all my Christmas Decoration. I didn't go to crazy this year mainly do to the size of my house. This is going to be my first Christmas home in 4yrs. Which I'm super happy about.

The Last time I was home for Christmas was due to my mom was it the hospital. They didn't know if she was going to live or die. On night in December 2007 I get this phone call from my dad at 4am. Saying that he didn't want to call me due to it was late but he find my mom on the couch and she was all blue. So he called 911 and she was rushed to the hospital. At that time the doctors weren't sure what the out come was going to be and told my dad to get all my family member there. So after my dad told me this I start to crying so hard that I couldn't breath. Hubby was sleeping and woke up. He asked me what in the world was going on. So I told him what my dad told me. Right after that we started to look for plane tickets. 

That morning he went to pt and his captain told him to go home. We had no idea how we were going to afford a plane ticket home from Germany. We just knew it had to be done. So the Army was so nice and brought us both a ticket home. We had such great friend in Germany. There made sure I ate that day and they took care of Priscilla during the time we were gone.

When we got to Michigan the first thing we did was go to the Hospital. My mom was in a coma. They told us that she could still hear us. So we talk to her. I told her she couldn't die. That she need to be around for her first Grand-baby. She finally came out of the coma a week and half later. She couldn't talk. The only thing she could do was write name and the first name she wrote was mine. So when I find this out I ran to her room. I was able to spend one more week with her before I had to go back to Germany. I'm just so happy that she is still here with me and the family.

My mom is doing much better now. The coma did change her life. Being that she no longer drives a car and she doesn't do as much as she did before the coma. Last year I got to spend Christmas with my Parents in Florida. This Christmas I have the whole Family to Spent it with. Which I'm so Happy about and Can't Wait. I will be having them all over my house this year for dinner and  to open gift.